Bee Movie


A review by Silvana-Ioana Tatu. 

Walking out of the cinema, my thoughts were certainly not of admiration about the movie I had just seen.  I think they were a mix of wondering why the same story line is used, what I was doing still going to see cartoons and a teeny-weany bit of regret for the quite expensive ticket. Barry, a bee with a mind of its own, who begins to question his surroundings and busy hive and wander at what lies outside, doesn’t know what job to choose for the rest of his life.  

After going once outside and meeting Vanessa the florist, who rescues his life, he wants more of it. In another visit to his friend he sees many rows of jars and containers with honey. The honey which he feels belongs to bees. Following further investigations, he realizes that bees are actually exploited by mean humans to produce honey for their profit. So he decides no less than to sue the human race for ill-using the bees. Hey, the bees worked long and hard and saw very little of it! 


At the end of a long and weary process, the bees win. Barry decides that all the honey from the shops ought to go back to where it came from: the bees! The bees get so much that they can’t possibly have to make any more. Even if some still wanted to. So all the bees get a long holiday, not likely to end soon.But Barry’s friend Adam tells him how he was so excited about starting work but he’ll never get the chance. Apart from that, without the bee’s pollination all the plants dried up and withered.

Barry realizes his great mistake and comes up with an idea to solve the crises. From the Roses Flower Show Vanessa attends, Barry and Vanessa steal the last extant flowers and take them to his home city. Approaching New York, it is the bee community that helps a struggling Barry to land the huge plain left without pilots by a serious of misfortunes a lame Barry has managed to do. The bees take the pollen ad spread it everywhere and everything is great again and Barry finds himself a great job as a pollen collector. 

If that happened all the time in real life, I don’t know what would become of us. Why is the same storyboard use? The main character wants to do something good, screws up, says sorry, finds a way to make it right and becomes a hero. The morale of this story is that one can avoid screwing up if sticking to principles. I mean, if Barry hadn’t talked to Vanessa (not even for saying thank you) none of all this would have happened.

After all, the fundamental law for the bees going outside the beehive was, „Do not talk to humans”. And if he would have just kept his mouth shut he might have gotten a rotten job that would have lasted a lifetime, but at least he wouldn’t have to put so many other bees through it all. But, perhaps he did earn the respect of some of them for what he did on their behalf. In the end, everything we do will have consequences, whether good or bad. 


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