Comentariu teologic la Psalmi


Grogan, Geoffrey W., Psalms (The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary; Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Eerdmans, 2008), pp. xii + 490. $25.00/£13.99. ISBN 978-0-8028-2706-7. [Distributed in the UK by Alban Books.]

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As programatically anounced by the editors of this series, this book on Psalms has two distinct parts: a commentary and a discussion of its theological themes. In introduction, the various approaches applied to the book of Psalms are presented in short and various relevant issues are surveyed (pp. 1-40).


The commentary, with its synchronic and theological approach stays in the evangelical mainstream. It takes each poem individually, starting with a general introduction and the development of the argument by strophes following. For everything else, namely literary or historical critical matters, credit is given to other commentators in the footnotes. No personal rendering of the Hebrew text is given. The NIV is used closely instead, even in terms of strophe division, with very few apparently unintentional exceptions. By this it comes closer to the NIV Application Commentary.


The theological section looks into the main biblical doctrines as they spring from the Psalter: monotheism, reflecting on God’s names; God’s involvement in Creation and Salvation (i.e., the Exodus of Israel from Egypt); morality of God’s character, reflecting on God’s Law; covenants and the meaning of the Exile; eschatology, reflecting on Messiah (pp. 231-95). Then, these theological contributions are assessed for the Christian Theology as a whole in areas as God, revelation, community, sin, prayer and worship (pp. 295-359), and for the contemporary theological debates (pp. 359-430). The concluding exercise of extracting meaning from Psalm 8 betrays an interest the author has for the relevance of Psalms in preaching.


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