Creştinii nigerieni sunt sub asalt

Redau mai jos scrisoarea unui frate pastor nigerian cu care am petrecut cinci luni din anul 1999 studiind la Ierusalim. Pe atunci fratele Jotham se pregătea pentru a traduce Vechiul Testament în limba unuia dintre popoarele din Nigeria. Acum creştinii din zona sa sunt sub asediu şi mulţi şi-au pierdut deja viaţa. Mijlociţi în rugăciune pentru fraţii din Nigeria pentru îndurarea lui Dumnezeu pentru ei şi trimiteţi mai departe pentru conştientizarea opiniei publice şi stârnirea autorităţilor în sprijinul lor. Vă avertizez că descrierile care urmează sunt destul de grafice.

Dear Bretheren,

Greetings in the precious name of the Lord. I write to request for special prayers over the Christians in Jos. This morning, (March 8th, 2.00 AM – Nigerian time), we were awaken by sounds of gunshots. Muslim insurgents and terrorists from the neighbouring State of Bauchi invaded some villages in Barakin Ladi Local Government Area. One of the villages is called Dogo’nahawa, which is about 7km from where we are living. After their visitation more than 100 people were killed, most of who were women and children, and several thousands injured.

This is a clear case of genocide against the Christians in Jos. I thought what happened in January was the worse scene I have ever witnessed, but this recent one is worse than that. I don’t think I have the right adjectives to describe the massacre. Some of the bodies we saw had their heads dismembered, while many had their limbs chopped off. We also saw women with ripped stomachs, and small children with skulls shattered and bodies mutilated with knives and daggers. The invaders had many hours to themselves therefore they systematically ransacked nearly all the compounds in the village. they killed and maimed anybody they come across. Since it was in a remote part of the town, before security men could get there they had done their worst and fled. The actual scope and level of destruction is yet to be ascertained. What I can say is that it is well beyond my imagination. All the churches in the village were burnt down.  Government says, there would be mass burial of the victims tomorrow.

Bretheren, we are in deep distress, with no where to go.  I fear for our lives even as I am writing this e-mail. My wife who teaches in one of the local schools here has not been able to go back to the school for the fear of her life. Jos is truly under siege by muslim insurgents and terrorists. Please tell other Bretheren to continue to pray for us.We look up only to God for a miracle and guidance in this very difficult times. The situation is so demoralizing.

We are right now confused, very confused on what to do.

Jotham (


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