New book on Psalms

409622Moody Publishers (Chicago, USA) announces the publication of a new volume on the canonical Psaltire – The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul (288 p. + bibl., indices) under the editorial work of Andrew Schmutzer and David M. Howard, Jr.

As announced from its title, and confirmed in the editors’ forword, this collection of essays presented at the Evangelical Theological Society, is not a cold scholarly enterprise, but one that looks into the understanding of Psalms from a personal perspective and its relationship to human experience, that of the author / editor and the reader without lowering the standard of scholarly approach.
Both the established scholar and junior scholar are united in the message they convey, ‘Psalms are good reading for the soul. More so, when they are read with proper care for the text.’ Although it touches on the main critical issues specific to the study of the Psaltire, known in the field under various labels, i.e., form criticism, canonical criticism, literary criticism, these essays are written with a high view on Psalms as the Word of God, and a deep knowledge of the Hebrew text, motivated by a Christ-centered piety. This work is paradigmatic for an evangelical approach to the Bible, wherein the scholarship and spirituality intertwine with one another.
The volume could be a useful tool for every student of the Bible, pastors and preachers included, not for having authorised voices speculating over the meaning of some phrases, but for displaying a method of analysis at work on particular psalms (Psalms 1, 2, 16, 23, 46, 54, 84, 88, 91, 117, 150) or on various themes (e.g., wisdom, kingship, praise, lament) and a genuine interest for the application of the message unearthed.

For the content of this collection of essays check the excerpt below. For a browse check here.

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