Open Letter to my supporters

Dear friends and readers,

We have become accustomed over the years with the idea that great works are the result of colective effort. Especially when it comes to writing books, authors are indebted to acknowledge the contributions of many to the process of accumulating information and research. How else could that be when we all know that the condition of an author is connected with much pain and less gain? The wise man of old has said these famous words: „Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Prov. 12:12).

Ever since the Lord helped me to finish my doctoral studies (August, 2006) and returned to my home country (Romania), I have been regularly incited with plans of further research. The last two years spent in Oxford (2004-2006) where the most fruitful of my whole academic life. While being there I was able to prepare all my articles published since then in internationally acclaimed journal and collective volumes, have my dissertation completed and ready for printing, prepare material for two other more technical books published in 2007 and 2010 in Romanian. While being back in Romania I could publish two volumes with sermons and two textbooks for students.

Although I wished I could participate each year at an international conference I could not follow that intention each year, due to restrictive costs. While being in Wien in 2006, attending the conference organized by the Society of Biblical Literature there, I came across the publishers from Peeters (Louvain, Belgium) and editors of the Historical Commentary of the Old Testament Series. They graciously called me in their team to write such a volume on the book of Genesis.

It was clear right from the beginning that such a project would need the support of many. After investigating my options in private I realized that this is not going anywhere. This year started rather promising with the anouncement of a post-doctoral research project by Langham International. Being a Langham scholar, that is a former doctoral student supported by Langham, I was privileged to gain attention from the managers of this project. With the blessing of several great referees, I am glad to anounce that I was awarded a place in this project. Technically speaking this project lasts for four years and offers to its participants three weeks of research and academic supervision each year, one year in the United States, and one year in the United Kingdom, alternativelly.

Such a project could provide for me the academic environment and the means necessary to go well under way with the commentary on Genesis and complete at least a part out of the three parts one could write on it. By the grace of Wheaton International School of Theology, I am able to extend my stay at Wheaton, where Langham organizes this first research session, with three more weeks, as part of Wheaton Summer project. It could be possible that further research sessions to be extended in the same way.

Although most of the expenses are covered, there is still need to cover the visa, books, and transportation. When it comes to air transportation there are facilities we could only hear about in Romania, such as free mileage in flights for those who are travelling a lot. If somebody could volunteer and enable me to travel with that free mileage it would be great. As for any other donations they should be directed to Dr Ian Shaw, Director of Scholarship Programme, Langham Partnership UK and Ireland (contact at and he will see them reach me at the right time. Please let me know of your engagement in any way with this project (contact at

With gratitude for His Honour,



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